I have always loved taking photos.  I can still remember my very first camera.  It's teal and hot pink colors made it the "coolest" camera ever.  I am pretty sure that I only took pictures back then so that I was able to "wind the film to the next spot." Over the years, my life has been well documented through photos, leaving boxes and boxes of memories in my basement.  I love the digital photography age.  It lets us do so much more with those memories.

I have 4 amazing children who put up with my crazy work schedule and hours upon hours of editing so that I can give my clients the best images possible.  They have grown up with a camera in their faces almost daily and have learned to just roll with it.  They always have and always will be my favorite subjects to photograph.  My husband is my rock.  He has always supported me in following my dreams no matter how wild they are.  

The best part of my job is being able to have the opportunity to "capture the moment" in a photograph. Preserving your memories forever.  You cannot look at a picture without being flooded with emotions and feelings from that day.  My goal as a photographer is to give you those moments to remember over and over again.  I would LOVE to have the chance to share the little "moments" in your life and capture them for you.